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Guardian Angel Parish at 604 Church Street, Oran, MO 63771 US - Home

Guardian Angel Church
Oran, MO
Pastor: Father Randy Tochtrop
 P.O. Box 158 Oran, MO  63771
Phone: 573-262-3210

Welcome to our home on the internet.  We now have the Weekly Bulletin online.  Also, we will begin having the Time and Talent for the months, beginning in October and other important news for our Parishioners and guests.  Check back often for new updates!

Father Charlie's Monday Morning Alka-Seltzer

Lord Jesus, roll back the stone that keeps me entombed in my self. Call me out of my darkness into the light of your kingdom where I may serve you in serving others. Empower me to bring your Light to the blind, your Word to the deaf, and healing to those crippled by their egos. Help me to help ...
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Argentine Cardinal Bergoglio elected Pope Francis

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina has been elected Pope.

The new Pontiff, who chose the name Pope Francis, is the first Latin American every to become Roman Pontiff, and the first Jesuit.

The Argentine cardinal was elected on the 5th ballot of the conclave, ...

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3 Weeks Ago...

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Palm Sunday - 2014

Blood is life-giving; it is the essential element in sustaining us in life. Babies the womb receive oxygen and nutrients from their mothers’ blood. When natural disasters occur the Red Cross appeals for blood donors. During surgeries donated blood sustains patients in life. In many cultures the bonding of people is sealed in rituals that mingle blood. In all cultures blood has a deeply religious significance.

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California Catholic Lobby Day

Each year California Catholics gather in Sacramento to speak with their elected officialsCalif Lobby Day about issues of concern to the Church. This effort is ...

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Jesus' Pain On The Cross Reflects The Pain Of Humanity
The suffering of Jesus on the Cross, that reflects the pain of humanity and represents the divine response to the mystery of the evil that is so difficult to understand, was the theme of Pope Francis' catechesis during the general audience held today, Holy Wednesday, in which the liturgy ...

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